2009: Evolution

Top: Geo
On either side: Pipebomb, Cb
Next row: Marc17, LeeNy, Naomi, Dominic, Nyssa, Cevin, Rin
Bottom row: Scott, Brian, Jenna, Monster, Alex

Just as the building blocks of the life of Black Rock City are human beings, the building blocks of that which sustains us in this environment is the element: Hardwarium.

Without the presence of Hardwarium, mutant vehicles would flounder, tents would blow away in the wind, and whiskey would go undrunk.

The highest concentration of Hardwarium is found in duct tape, followed closely by zip ties. Black Rock City Hardware Shoppe staff make it their business to know how to properly store, handle, and work with this versatile, sometimes-volatile, yet elusive substance.

Hardwarium is the first naturally-occurring element discovered since Rhenium was found in 1925, and it has yet to be awarded a place on the periodic table.