BRC Municipal Hardware Shoppe


A Burning Man theme camp since 1999.

Our primary mission is to provide tools, materials, and skills as a public service to the fellow citizens of Black Rock City. We pride ourselves on our ability to fix (or at least juryrig) almost any problem you can think up. The more interesting it is, the harder we’ll work to give you the best fix possible. If we can’t fix it or suggest somebody else who can, we’ll have whiskey to help you forget your troubles.

We are not part of or affiliated with the DPW or BMorg.

Outside of Burning Man, we are a Seattle-based organization that brings our radical fix-it skills and Sparks Show to area events like Honk Fest West, Seacompression, Critical Massive, and the Georgetown Carnival. We are sometimes seen performing as an accompaniment to whatever marching band happens to be wandering by.

What do we have?

Building and repairing materials can include: nails, stakes, rope, screws, nuts, bolts, glue, staples, epoxy, and wire. We’ll have a place to keep track of other camps’ surplus and needed building materials. Most of all, we’ll have duct tape, the single most powerful tool known to man, capable of fixing anything when used in the hands of true believer.

What DON’T we have?

We will NOT have building materials such as wood, PVC pipe, rebar, drywall, or anything else you may need for your camp infrastructure that you should have brought with you. Some of this we will be collecting during the week from camps that have extra, but not any more than we foresee using in the near future.

We do NOT carry standard personal items that you should have brought with you such as masks, goggles, tents, bandannas, food, etc. We are a hardware shoppe, not a general store. Not to say we will not try to help you in your time of need, but we expect everyone to embody the principle of radical self-reliance whenever possible.

We do NOT have an auger, backhoe, or other heavy machinery.

We do NOT carry a large supply of bicycle parts. The best way to approach bikes at Burning Man is to maintain it year-round, and bring extra parts that fit your specific bike.

Gifting and Etiquette

We do run on a gift economy. We provide our services as a gift, and enjoy receiving gifts. It is not required and we’ll most likely help you anyway, but depending on the circumstances we may not give your problem priority over someone else’s (or our own!).

This may be the case if you want something that is in high demand, limited supply, or requires a good deal of our time and sweat. Remember: we’re here to have fun, too, and an emergency on your part does not necessarily constitute an emergency on ours.

That said, a few beers and a lack of self-entitlement will work wonders, other building materials in trade are great, and handmade Burning Man souvenirs are always welcomed.

(Of course, as a Burner you should be considering whether or not your gifts make better MOOP than souvenirs.)